It's the current that kills!
EV safety
People may think that the voltage are low and therefore there is little risk of injury. This is a dangerously wrong assumption in that the power cells are engineered to give very high motive forces and this is done by producing very high current levels. So, whilst it is correct that the voltages are very small compared to those working on HV lines, the current capable of flowing through an unprotected technician will cause serious injury and possible death.
The diagram above shows how the sensation is felt at as little as 0.5mA and 30mA will cause fibrillation of the heart which, if not halted, will lead to cardiac arrest.
A simple pair of electrically insulating gloves will minimise the risks instantly. Spending just over £30 will save someone from most of this risk. Of course other risks are now present in this new environment but the simple equipment needed to make the area safe can soon make a massive difference.