Primarily it is the risk of electrocution where voltages can be low but the current is high. Also there are the risks of severe burns from arc flash which also come with high velocity molten metal spatter

The introduction of Electric and Hybrid vehicles introduces the risks associated with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1998. These statutory regulations stipulate what needs to be in place when working "live" or when isolating the supply

In the UK there is specific HSE legislation to address the requirement for the provision of protection to employees undertaking work with electricity.  PUWER 1998 Reg. 19 state the need for isolation of energy sources; PUWER 1998 Reg. 22 requires appropriate measures for protecting people carrying out maintenance operations.  Whilst the Electricity at Work Regs 1989 specifically covers isolation of electrical energy in a secure manner, as well as, the prevention of danger from electrical equipment and charges.  Furthermore the Safety Signs and Signals Regs 1996places duties on employers to ensure adequate guidance is provided by signage

Yes, the UK HSE regulations will still apply.  Plus, anyone working on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles will still face the same risks of serious injury. Voltages are now increasing and the more powerful motors will draw very high electrical currents

You need to ensure that you do not become the conductor between the live connector on the high powered cell to the workshop floor (earth). The induced current could kill you. You therefore need insulation in gloves, tooling used and mat to stand on

Anyone who enters the demarcation zone around the vehicle. This is classed as the "risk area" and legally anybody within this must be protected. Keeping people outside the demarcation zone is essential wherever possible


All products are taken from our range used in industrial live working applications. We have a much larger range available and in stock so please call us to discuss any other items needed

Most insulating/insulated products will fail if damaged and current will track through the smallest of cracks, nicks and cuts to give a nasty injury. All PPE should be checked every time it is used and some items such as gloves may need re-testing annually

No, it is not advised to use the clothing or equipment again. The Arc Flash energy will invlove temperatures 3 times that of the surface of the Sun - the fabric will protect you and will not set on fire but it will be badly scorched

We have created a Workshop Pack as a comprehensive list of items to protect employees in a typical dealer workshop now involving Electric Vehicles.  This has only one set of clothing, which may need to have to be increased to provide for more than one service technician.

How is a safety padlock different from any other padlock?  The Reece Safety TT38RED padlock has been designed specifically as a safety padlock.  It’s key mechanism has been designed for easy access from entry either way up, and as a dimple key, it cannot be copied by a third party.  Plus, the padlock mechanism will only lock with the key removed, to mitigate against incidents incorrect application of locks to locking devices.

The installation will be done whilst fully dead so normal precautions will apply. The problems arise during testing which often needs an electric vehicle and this new danger is the difference. See our EV Electrician’s Pack that covers what is needed for safe working during installations.

We have a design team that can work with you and your requirements to add names and company logos to PPE as well as etching and engraving onto hard surfaces

Cal in the context of Arc Flash protection means Calorific rating.  This a unit of energy that the garment/ equipment can withstand to protect the wearer under given test conditions. It is measured in the energy per square centimetre

Yes, at Reece Safety we have our own print works, therefore we can create bespoke lockout station boards with different materials, specific sizes, to a bespoke design – and even include your own logos.

Yes, we supply a vast range of life critical safety products through Reece Safety on www.reecesafety.co.uk and security locks through Italian Locking Systems www.ils.org.uk

Yes, we will provide competitive quotes for all large volume of units ordered – or, if the total value of a combined order is substantial.  Please, send and email, or contact the Reece office with your enquiry and we will prepare a specific quote for you.

The fire blanket is designed to control the fire, not to put it out. The materials it is made out of helps with this and enables for the blanket to be used up to 30 times.

The fire blanket can be used up to 30 times and it can be used on both sides.


Free for all orders over £150 excl. vat. For orders under £150 excl. vat, the delivery charge is £8.50 + vat

It depends on where you are. Next day delivery is typical although not guaranteed. If you need something without fail we can arrange for Guaranteed Next Day services with a small premium

We use DPD for parcels and then we also send by pallet if the volumes are large or heavy. Typically we are looking at next day delivery in most cases and we ask for a mobile number to contact you before the drop

Yes, we can arrange payment in several different currencies for you.  Please contact the Reece office.

Yes.  We can provide quotes including shipping costs to any country on a DAP uncleared basis.  We can also quote ex-works.


EHV is becoming the popular acronym and this stands for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle. EV means Electric Vehicle; BEV means Battery Electric Vehicle and PHEV means Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Yes, we have a partner training provider that we can recommend.  Please contact the Reece Safety office

Reece EV Safety is part of Reece Safety Products Ltd.  We have over 20 years’ experience supplying life critical safety products to all industries and sectors – including vehicle manufacturer OEMs, franchise dealers and independent motor vehicle repair operations. We carry extensive stocks or this range of products - often for next day delivery

Car, van and truck keys undergoing work should be kept in a secure and accessible place.  Reece Safety can provide key cabinets and key tracker systems specifically to meet this operational need.

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