Reusable Electric/Hybrid Car Fire Blanket in 2 Sizes

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The car fire blanket is the fastest, most efficient way to isolate and control electric vehicle and traditional car fires.

When an electric vehicle catches on fire, over 100 organic chemicals are generated, including toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. The lithium-ion batteries are difficult to extinguish and fire departments globally are unprepared for the associated risk. The Car Fire Isolator Blanket controls the fire, smoke, and toxic fumes, enabling you to isolate the flames in minutes.

How To Use

1) Place the fire blanket on the ground in front of- or behind the vehicle and roll it out.

2)Two people should each grab their handles and safely pull the fire blanket over the car in one continuous movement.

3)Make sure the fire blanket is tight all the way to the ground. Wait at least 20 minutes before you remove the fire blanket.

The blanket alone will not kill the fire in the battery. It provides control of the situation. The Car Fire Isolator Blanket is also re-useable, up to 30 times.

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