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The EV Lockout Station is designed to keep isolation equipment in a safe and secure area, so that these items do not go missing, or cannot be found at the time they are required.

Lockout stations help the aftersales manager with workshop productivity by them being able to see immediately if the items have been returned after use ready for the next job.

It comprises of a fully stocked shadow board, made from 5mm Foamex, that affixes to a wall within the workshop, with hooks and outlines of each item of the equipment to be placed upon. Included in the Lockout Station is each item of equipment to undertake the energy isolation and apply Lockout Tagout to the vehicle.

EV Lockout Station comprises:
- Adjustable cable lockout isolation device
- 2 Nylon bodied safety padlocks
- Pack of 10 Reusable Tuff Tags
- Non-permanent pen
- Foamex lockout station board

Dimensions: 670mm W x 432mm H

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