Secure Steel Key Tracker Cabinet (50 Key)


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Made from coated steel, all self-closing Key Tracker cabinets have push-button access with key override, and multi-point key locking systems, to ensure practical everyday use with the best out-of-hours security. Designed as an increased level of security and used in conjunction with the Key Tracker pegboards.

  • Secure storage for 50 - 300 keys in one cabinet.
  • Key Tracker board can be secured on the inner side of the door to increase capacity.
  • The key hook boards can be mounted 'fixed-firm' or 'slide-out'.
  • Increases the security of the key tracker system.
  • Control who has access to keys.
  • Cabinets are available in 4 sizes.

  • Please note: Key Tracker board not included and sold separately

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